11 December 2008


We landed in Buenos Aires after 2 flights and 12 1/2 hours of flying.  We were all very sleepy but very excited to see Abuela and Pedro.  We managed to stay awake until 8:30 and then slept for almost 14 hours.  

So far we are spending time around Abuela's house, taking walks around the neighborhood to visit the local bakeries, cafes and restaurants.  We've stopped by the libreria where we bought some school & art supplies as well as the salon so Shelby could get her hair washed and trimmed.  I could stay in the libreria all day and Caitlin is counting down the days until she gets to go to the salon.  

Abuela with her girls.

Caitlin is enjoying the view.

Abuela's balcony looking to the right.

Abuela's balcony looking out and to the left.  

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