31 March 2009


I shall name him FRED!

Two years ago I came across THE ELF ON THE SHELF at a local boutique in Lithia, FL.  It came with a cute little book to read to the kids that explains that the little Elf has come to live with the family.  He needs a name (the girls named him FROSTY PEE-KO) and every night from December 1st through Christmas Eve, Frosty Pee-ko would fly back to the North Pole and tell Santa about our day.  Every morning Frosty Pee-ko would be back but he would choose a hiding place.  The girls wake up and start searching right away for their elf.  We have had so much fun with our elf, this year he even showed up in Buenos Aires while we were there for vacation.  

Frosty Pee-ko hanging out on Abuela's lamp!

We had so much fun with Frosty Pee-ko that I thought it might be fun if we tried something similar with the Easter Bunny.  I found a the instructions for the bunny below HERE.  My goal is to have our bunny Fred hide every morning with two little treat filled eggs for the girls to find.  

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