07 January 2009


My six year old wrote me this letter two days ago after I enrolled at the local Community College.  I will translate below.  :)

From Caitlin
To Mom

Happy first month
of the year
for Mommy getting
a chance to get
in college today
was the first 
meeting and tomorrow
is the second
But she is still
the best at this
stuff --> baking
being a great mom
with the rules figured
out and pet
owner having two
children  Thank you
mom for all the 
stuff you do to
make us happy

(a drawing of lips ~ for a kiss) I LOVE YOU

and of course she added lots of hugs and kisses with the X's and O's.

She, of course, melted my heart with this letter!


Alice said...

Hi Stranger! For some reason, I am not being notified when you update your blog. I just happened to come check it out. WOW! You have been busy! Where are you now? Keep in touch! I miss you!

Lex said...

Snooks here :). I love your blog... and that letter is so sweet! And yay for cutestblogontheblock! That's one of my favorite sites :). Anyway, just wanted to stop in and say hi :). My blog is snookielex.blogspot.com if you ever want to come by :). Have a good one!