15 November 2008


I made these earrings last year to help raise funds for Relay for Life.


Needle nosed pliers
Roundnose pliers
wire cutters

2 Sterling Silver Earring wires
2 2" Sterling Silver head pins
4 1 1/2" Sterling Silver head pins
2 6 mm Swarovski rondelle with black crystals
2 6 mm Swarovski faceted round siam beads
2 8 mm Swarovski faceted round siam beads
6 3 mm Swarovski bicone siam beads
4 mm Swarovski rondelle crystal ab
2 4 mm Swarovski faceted round light rose
3 mm White seed beads (hands & hat topper)
2 3 mm Crystal seed beads (on very bottom)


Take the 4 (1 1/2") head pins ~ on each head pin, layer one white seed bead and one 3 mm bicone siam. Secure with wrapped loop on head pin. (loop instructions below)


Take the 2" head pin and place the beads and arms on the head pin in this order.  Crystal seed bead, 6 mm rondelle ~ black, 6 mm faceted round bead ~ siam, 8 mm faceted round bead ~ siam, two arms, 4 mm rondelle ~  crystal AB, 6 mm faceted round bead ~ light pink, 4 mm rondelle ~ crystal AB, 3 mm bicone ~ siam, white seed bead.  Secure with wrapped loop.

Attach earring wires by bending loop back enough to slide the loop above Santa's hat on and then bend the wire back.



With the tip of the needle nose pliers, grasp the wire directly above the bead.  Bend the wire (above the wires) into a right angle.  Using round nose pliers, position the jaws vertically in the bend.  Bring the wire over the top jaw of roundnose pliers.  Keep the jaws vertical and reposition the pliers so the lower jaw fits snugly in the loop.  Curve the wire downward around the bottom of the roundnose pliers.  This is the first half of a wrapped loop.  Position the jaws of your needle-nose pliers across the loop.  Wrap the wire around the wire stem, covering the stem between the loop and the bead.  Trim the excess wire and gently press the cut end close enough to the wraps with the needle-nose pliers.

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